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Steiger Craft Boat Dealer In New Jersey – D & R Boat World

Steiger Craft Boats

Steiger Craft builds a range of fiberglass boats for commercial and recreational fishermen that suits fishing conditions throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. Steiger Craft turns out approximately 100 boats annually, and D & R Boat World is proud to be an Official Steiger Craft Dealer.


Our Steiger Craft Inventory

We carry an extensive inventory of top brand-name boats, including several models of Steiger Craft’s Miami/Chesapeake sportfishing boats. Miami/Chesapeake models feature hand-laid fiberglass and Steiger Craft’s exclusive I-Beam grid system technology for a rigid, durable structure that can withstand any sea conditions. Here are some models we stock:

  • The classic Steiger Craft 21 Miami offers a large cockpit, aggressive performance and superior maneuverability that’s ideal for fishing in rough waters. Deck your boat out for a prime fishing experience with an optional 42-gallon circulating livewell, tackle box, sinker trays, hose holder and toe rails.
  • The compact Steiger Craft 23 Miami offers the same rugged performance as many larger vessels. Enjoy amazing maneuverability and performance in a slightly smaller platform without sacrificing your fishing experience.
  • The Steiger Craft 255 DV Miami is a perfect day-trip fishing boat with a smaller size that makes it easily trailered. The single outboard motor is economical to run but still provides the power you need.
  • The 28 Miami is Steiger Craft’s flagship vessel for good reason. Its massive fishing platform, two powerful engines, 200-gallon fuel capacity and top speed of 54 MPH provide all-day fishing opportunities that can’t be beat. Enjoy an extensive array of fishing features, including a 120-gallon in-deck fish locker, two 100-gallon insulated fish wells for live bait and fish storage, recessed rod storage and tackle storage throughout the boat.
  • The Steiger Craft 31 Miami is the perfect size for taking down the largest fish, even in rough sea conditions. Experience superior performance in two super-efficient 300 HP motors and a 300-gallon fuel capacity for your all-day, offshore fishing pleasure. This boat offers the biggest cockpit in its class, which includes a 120-gallon in-deck fish locker, 100-gallon in-deck, recessed rod storage and overhead rocket launchers.


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Your One-Stop Boat Shop 

Our family business has been selling the best quality boats since 1956. We’re dedicated to customer satisfaction and proud to carry a diverse array of new and used boats at both our New Jersey locations. Contact us in Green Brook at 732-968-2600 or in Brick at 732-793-8767 to learn more about our extensive inventor